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Book Attorney NOW Form For Future Court Appearances And Depositions
Please complete the Book Attorney NOW form for your future court appearance or deposition and we'll respond within 60 minutes. Immediately after we notify you that we can handle your case please purchase your service below and email us the necessary documents and detailed instructions. You must purchase your case below in order for us to confirm coverage. If you do not hear from us within 60 minutes, or if your appearance is imminent, please call 212.381.6088.


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 *After you receive our email which states that we can handle your future court appearance or deposition please email us the necessary information and click on the appropriate "Buy Now" paypal button. We look forward to working with you.*


$125 Most State Conferences
$150 Richmond Conference
$175 Motion or OSC with Oral Arguments
$200 Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess Conf
$200 Small Claims - Day
$250 Small Claims - Night
$250 Hearing - Inquest or Arbitration


$175 Landlord/Tenant Court
$200 Federal Court
$200 Surrogates Court
$200 Traffic Court
$250 Bankruptcy Court
$275 Family Court
$300 Immigration Court


$300 For 1 Witness
$375 For 1 Witness With An Interpreter
$400 For 2 Witnesses
$500 For 3 Witnesses Or If Lasts Over 5 Hours
If you need a service that isn’t listed please EMAIL US or call 212.381.6088.