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*Currently, we are available to handle virtual appearances and depositions and we can write legal documents for your law firm.*





Need A Trustworthy NY Per Diem Attorney For A

Court Appearance Or Deposition?



We have highly experienced New York per diem attorneys available in:

NYC: Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond.

LONG ISLAND: Nassau and Suffolk.


*If you need immediate assistance please call 212.381.6088.*

Per Diem Firm Has The Best Per Diem Attorneys In NY.

We are per diem attorney-owned and operated and have a vast network of trustworthy per diem attorneys who are regulars in their courthouses.

We only assign trustworthy litigators who have undergone our extensive vetting process and are familiar with the courthouse and your type of case.

We welcome next day and same day coverage requests. We’ll confirm our availability within 60 minutes and email you a report on the day of the appearance.

My firm has been working with Ms. Steinberg for years. She has always been nothing short of excellent. Unlike my experience with some other Per Diem attorneys, Tracey is able to accomplish the substantive goals we have for a particular appearance. I would not hesitate to recommend her to cover any appearance. Andres F. Alonso, Attorney Alonso Krangle, LLP

Over the last 2 years, my firm and I have happily relied on Tracey's per diem service. She has covered many of our New York City court appearances. No matter how late in the day we call her or how complicated the coverage, she has provided pleasant and efficient service. Unlike other per diem services we have used, we never had to ask 'What happened in court today'. Instead, she has always provided a same-day report of the appearance and a copy of the court order. Anselmo A. Alegria, Attorney Alegria & Associates, PLLC

I highly recommend Tracey and her team of attorneys consistently handle my cases successfully. I very much appreciate receiving the Orders and Reports the day of the appearance. Tracey is reliable, professional and a pleasure to work with. Scott M. Mooney, Attorney Boylan Code

My office has had the pleasure of working with Tracey Steinberg for many years and we are consistently happy with her work. She is trustworthy, sends the Orders over that day and gets great results. We highly recommend her. Matthew Tomkiel, Attorney Tomkiel & Tomkiel

Let it be known that Tracey Steinberg, Esq. and her associated attorneys are the most reliable, efficient, responsible, accountable per diem lawyers that I have ever worked with; and that includes 39 years of litigation under my belt. She completely understands litigation strategy from both sides; it’s exemplified by the always satisfying Orders, Stipulations and results that we get back from her… and we get same day response. The Judges know her name, the Clerks of the Parts look up when her name is called out; she and her associates arrive on time and we have never received a call, “where is your lawyer?”. We highly recommend Tracey Steinberg. Glenn Finley, Attorney Glenn Finley & Associates

I've hired many times to handle court appearances on my behalf and I'm consistently delighted with the results. There are a lot of other per diem attorneys and per diem firms but I always trust Tracey and her team of attorneys to handle my cases with the utmost care. Tracey is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Mitchell L. Pashkin, Attorney Law Office of Mitchell L. Pashkin

I have hired Per Diem Firm many times to handle court appearance and I fully trust Tracey Steinberg and her team of attorneys with my cases. Tracey is reliable, great to work with and available whenever necessary. She sends the reports the same day as the appearance and I'm consistently happy with the court orders. I trust Per Diem Firm with my cases and I highly recommend Tracey Steinberg. Steven W. Stutman, Esq. The Law Offices of Steven W. Stutman

I have known Ms. Steinberg for almost two decades and have used her services many times.  Ms. Steinberg has always gone above and beyond and accomplished the task for the firm and our clients.  Ms. Steinberg runs an extremely professional service that provides various options, and is willing to extend that extra effort to ensure that the job is successfully completed.  It has always been a pleasure to work with Ms. Steinberg and her staff. Jonathan Marc Davidoff, Attorney


I am always confident that my cases will be handled properly when I hire Tracey makes herself personally available virtually 24/7 to deal with assignments. She is very reliable. The company is highly recommended. Vlad Kushnir, Attorney VB Kushnir, LLC

Peace of Mind. That’s what you get when you book coverage through There are a lot of per diem attorneys that can be hired but the level of confidence that I have when they are on my cases is priceless. I am an Office Administrator for a very busy personal injury practice and don’t have time to worry about my conferences being handled appropriately or that I will have to follow up for the appearance reports and Orders – the conferences are handled appropriately and I always get timely reporting. Vincent A. Maviglia, Office Administrator Neimark & Neimark

I love working with Tracey and her team of knowledgeable attorneys because they always do a great job and they provide the court report and Order that day. Tracey is extremely professional.  Our firm highly recommends her services. Ursula Frau, Paralegal LaBarbiera & Martinez

I have worked with Tracey for over 10 years and she has always been extremely competent and professional. While there are other per diems and per diem services out there, you'll never find any as pleasant and personable as Tracey. Ellen Sakany, Attorney

Law Office of Ellen Sakany

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Hiring A Per Diem Attorney Is Easy


FIRST, complete BOOK ATTORNEY NOW form and receive coverage confirmation.

SECOND, email us the necessary documents and your instructions.

THIRD, receive a detailed report and Order within 12 hours of the court appearance.

Per Diem Firm, LLC is not a law firm. We are a highly specialized attorney placement service firm offering first class per diem attorney services to small law firms and solo practitioners throughout New York State.

We handle all types of court appearances, depositions and hearings throughout New York City, Long Island and Hudson Valley. Our per diem attorneys appear in Supreme Court, Civil Court, Federal Court, District Court, Small Claims Court, Landlord Tenant Court and Traffic Court throughout New York State every day.