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Recently I was interviewed by Gaston Kroub, Esq. from about how helps small law firms in New York handle their court calendars. Below is an excerpt and you can read the full article on

Beyond Biglaw: Lawyers On Demand

I recently had the opportunity to speak to, and then conduct a written interview with, Tracey Steinberg, owner of Per Diem Attorney NOW, a service for busy lawyers and law firms with court appearance coverage needs. … I hope that readers find the interview with Tracey interesting, and I am personally impressed with the service she has built and is running in the helter-skelter New York legal market.

GK: What types of matters does your service work best with?

TS: is a new “attorney-sharing” site where small litigation law firms can quickly hire experienced litigators to (1) cover routine court appearances and depositions and (2) write legal documents such as motions, contracts, and appeals. We mostly handle personal injury, malpractice, commercial, landlord-tenant, criminal, and matrimonial cases.

Our goal is to help small litigation law firms avoid the mad scramble to find a trustworthy attorney to help out when their own attorneys are too busy or unavailable. Hiring Per Diem Attorney NOW frees up the law firms’ own attorneys to handle the more lucrative and challenging work, provides coverage in times of emergencies, and enables overworked attorneys to work fewer hours. With the help of technology, we make getting your cases covered as easy as getting an Uber.

GK: How do you make sure that the lawyers handling the appearances are happy within your network?

You can read the rest of the article directly on site.


  1. Very interesting article and thank you for helping us the other day. wish you continued success.

    • Thanks, Maria! It was our pleasure.