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Common questions are answered below.

1. Why can I feel confident delegating my important work to Per Diem Firm, LLC?


We only work with the best attorneys in the industry and all of our attorneys have at least 5 years of litigation experience (most have decades of litigation experience). All of our attorneys have been extensively vetted by our founder, Tracey L. Steinberg, Esq. If she is willing to put Per Diem Firm’s reputation on the line for our attorneys, you can feel confident knowing that you can, too!


We understand how valuable your time is. You’ll receive an email confirmation that your case has been successfully assigned within 60 minutes of your request. After the work is completed, you’ll receive a report so detailed, you’ll feel like you were there the whole time.


We deeply value your trust and will follow your instructions to achieve your desired results.

2.. Will I be able to communicate directly with the handling attorney?


Yes, your assigned attorney will confirm receipt of your instructions. You’ll be able to directly communicate with the assigned attorney on our site or through your regular email address.


3. Can I provide the appearance or payment information over the phone or by direct email?


To avoid misunderstandings, all communications and payments must be made through our web site,


4. I requested help outside of regular business hours and it wasn't available. Can I request it again?


Yes. You may submit requests 24/7 and you will always receive a response within 60 minutes.


But, if you make a request outside of regular business hours and it was declined, please make another request during regular business hours. An attorney may be available to help you with your case but simply wasn’t available to respond to your request when it was made.

5. Where do I send original documents that must be submitted to the court?


Once coverage is confirmed, you’ll be able to communicate directly with the appearing attorney. Simply ask your appearing attorney for their best address.

Please note that all appearances that require original documents must be sent by non-signature FedEx.

Per Diem Firm, LLC is not a law firm. We are a highly specialized attorney placement service firm offering first class per diem attorney services to small law firms and solo practitioners throughout New York State.

We handle all types of court appearances, depositions and hearings throughout New York City, Long Island and Hudson Valley. Our per diem attorneys appear in Supreme Court, Civil Court, Federal Court, District Court, Small Claims Court, Landlord Tenant Court, Criminal Court, Family Court and Traffic Court throughout New York State every day.