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Essential Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips

Essential Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips


The courts have recently begun hearing cases with Skype for Business, so now is the perfect time to ensure that you master video conferencing. In many ways, conferences over video are like in-person appearances, so it’s important to use the same courtesy you would use if you were in the same courtroom. However, there are some key distinctions that you need to know.


Below are the most essential etiquette tips you need to know to excel at video conferencing from home:


1. Ensure your technology works correctly in advance of the conference. Before your meeting begins, do a few test runs to ensure the technology will run smoothly.

2. Close your door and ask the people you live with not to interrupt you while you are speaking with the court.

3. Dress professionally. Wear something that would be appropriate if your conference with the court were face-to-face.

4. Use a plain or professional background behind you.

5. Frame your head and shoulders in the shot.

6. Have a light source shining on your face, not behind you. A sunny window behind you will make it difficult for others to see your face on video.

7. Put your camera at eye level and look into the camera, it is the equivalent of looking into the person’s eyes.

8. Mute yourself when you aren’t speaking. Most microphones pick up background noise, which can be very distracting to others.


As always, if you’d like help handling your video conferences, the experienced and trustworthy team of attorneys at Per Diem Firm is here for you.


May you and your loved ones be safe and healthy, Tracey Steinberg, Esq.