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Feeling Overwhelmed? I got your back.

Feeling Overwhelmed? I got your back.


I hope all has been well on your end and 2017 has been treating you well so far.


As a NY litigator for over 20 years I know intimately how stressful litigation can be. The good news is that help is available. If you ever feel overwhelmed by your court appearances and depositions just remember, I got your back.


I have an extensive network of trustworthy per diem attorneys with 10 or more years of litigation experience in NYC, LI and Hudson Valley available to cover your cases according to your instructions. We are available on a moment’s notice and you’ll have your court results that day.


I believe everyone deserves to live happy and balanced lives, even litigators!


May your 2017 be filled with fantastic health, wealth and happiness, Tracey