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Let’s Help Each Other.

Let’s Help Each Other.


I’m feeling excited because it is once again time to vote for the New York Law Journal ​​Reader Rankings Survey!​ The annual survey allow​ our​ legal community to vote for the ​people we believe in and it only takes a few minutes.


If you and I have successfully worked together I’d truly LOVE if you would nominate Per Diem Attorney NOW in the​ “Best Per Diem Services” category located on page 5 in the “Technology – Software and Services” section under #18.


Of course, I’d also be happy to nominate or recommend you as well. If you’d prefer my support some other way please let me know.


​Here’s THE LINK. You can skim it and only vote for the categories you care about.


If you and I haven’t yet worked together I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to earn your trust!


Best, Tracey

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  1. Tracey, I have a few cases for you next week and I’ll give you a call about all of them tomorrow. Oh and you most definitely have my vote. Thank you for all of your help.