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We are in!

We are in!

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NY Attorney Brings the Shared Economy to the Law


The “gig economy” is in full swing with Lyft, Airbnb, Zipcar and TaskRabbit. Now, it has reached our courthouses. is a new “attorney-sharing” site where New York law firms can go online to hire experienced litigators to cover the day’s court appearances and depositions.

The goal of this new site is to help law firms avoid the mad scramble to find a trustworthy attorney to cover their court appearances when their own attorneys are too busy or unavailable.

Just as Lyft and Airbnb eliminated the hassles of hailing a taxi or booking a hotel room, wants to revolutionize the way law firms hire attorneys — a change many law firms are desperate to make. Financial pressure has made it difficult for firms to keep an adequate full-time staff. And the remaining associates and partners these firms do have must do more with less help.

Services like are betting that being able to refer out a conference or deposition to an experienced per diem attorney eases that burden. It also frees up the law firms’ own attorneys to handle the more lucrative and challenging work, provides coverage in times of emergencies, and enables overworked attorneys to work fewer hours.

You can read the rest of the article directly on site.


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